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  • Laura Gavrilut

DS2 at the European Convergence Summit (ECS) 2024 - organised by ADRA

On June 19th, DS2 participated at the online European Convergence Summit (ECS) 2024 organised by ADRA and hosted by Confiva.

ECS 2024 Organised by ADRA
ECS 2024 Organised by ADRA

The ECS represented an elite gathering designed to unite prominent individuals from diverse sectors to foster collaboration in the Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Robotics (ADR) partnership. The goal of the partnership, was to establish directions for ADR research and innovation within Europe, considering socioeconomic challenges, and to achieve agreement among all involved parties.

The summit participants had the opportunity to listen to interesting panel discussions and visit the virtual booths of several projects, amongst which DS2 was included. There were four panel discussions:

  1. European strategies in ADR: The European Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Big Data research and innovation players facing international competition. 

  2. ADR facing Environmental issues: The paradox related to the risk of increasing energy consumption due to the development of ADR vs the ambition to reduce CO2 emissions and increase sustainability.

  3. Public involvement and normative issues: The impact of the combination of these technologies in terms of public acceptance, ethical, regulatory and socio-economic issues, in particular on employment.

  4. Foresight panel: Overview of results, connection of remarks with the ADR SRIDA, draft of ECS message.  

and DS2 project was pitched together with AI NoE, ALCHIMIA, MANiBOT, PERKS, RICAIP, and SCORPION projects during the first panel. The DS2 pitch was given by  Juha Pekka Soininen, the coordinator of the project, of VTT.

At the DS2 virtual booth, the visitors could download the DS2 postcard and watch the DS2 promo video.

DS2 Pitch
DS2 Pitch

DS2 is based on a modular software infrastructure which connects different data sources, facilitating efficient cross-sector data sharing with ease.

Using the Intersector Data Space Toolkit (IDT), DS2 enables seamless communication between data sources. The IDT Toolkit consists of a Broker for fail-safe network operation and various modules for executing complex data lifecycles, including filtering and labelling, with options for both automated and human-in-the-loop processes.

The project will be co-created and trialled via 3 use cases – City Scape, Green Deal, and Precision Agriculture – to demonstrate its effectiveness across sectors.

As we draw the curtains on the remarkable gathering, of what was ECS 2024, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the ADRA organisers, panelists and all the presenters for the inspiring talks and debathes. This event was not just a meeting of minds, but a confluence of ideas and inspiration.

Until we meet again, keep innovating, stay connected, and continue to make a difference!

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