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EC Announces New Support to Help Start-Ups and SMEs Deliver Trustworthy AI Solutions

Man wearing AI on a t-shirt providing support to another person
Person providing AI support

This week (January 24) the EC launched a package of measures to support European entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups working with generative AI. This comes after the EC reached an agreement on the AI act last month. Core elements in the package to accelerate AI adoption include:

  • Creation of AI Factories and making sure AI supercomputer infrastructure available for start-ups can be purchased and upgraded

  • Establishing an AI Office in the Commission which can develop and coordinate AI policy at EU level and supervise the implementation and enforcement of the AI Act

  • Providing EU AI financial and equity support, Common European Data Spaces and other initiatives

For DS2, an initiative focused on linking data spaces to share data between sectors, this development is especially exciting for creating momentum around our project aims. The synergy between these measures, both financial and policy-driven, promises not only to help expedite awareness raising around our work but should also help fortify trust and expand the skill set and talent pool within the disruptive technology landscape as a whole.

A pivotal aspect of this progress lies in the promised establishment of a Common European Data Space, a goal we at DS2 are working towards with the co-creation and testing of a modular, secure, trust-sensitive, platform-neutral environment for the networked sharing of data across sectors. Specifically, the EC Communication states:

“The Data Governance Act stimulates data sharing by creating a common framework for data intermediation services. The Data Act will unlock large volumes of IoT-generated data, empowering AI startups to utilise this untapped resource. The roll-out of European Common Data Spaces will improve interoperability and access to large volumes of high-quality data. For example, the Commission proposed the European Health Data Space (EHDS) Regulation to provide a consistent, trustworthy and efficient framework for the use of health data for research, innovation, policy-making and regulatory activities.”

Our pilot use-cases in areas related to environment, agriculture, and urban development will help to contribute to and strengthen the Commission's commitment to providing a diverse and fertile ecosystem for AI start-ups. As Europe takes a giant leap toward a future driven by responsible AI, we hope the work of DS2 and the Commission will shape Europe's technological landscape for years to come.

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