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Exploring the Impact of AI, Data and Robotics Projects on the Future: Insights from ADR's New Booklet

The AI Data and Robotics (ADR) ecosystem has recently unveiled a comprehensive brochure spotlighting the aims and potential impacts of an upcoming wave of Horizon European projects, among which is DS2. If you're seeking us within its pages, turn to page 44 where we're featured under the heading 'Integration of data lifecycle architectures and standards for complex data cycles and human factors'.

But what exactly is ADR?

ADR, shorthand for Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Robotics, epitomises a collective endeavour dedicated to crafting and implementing dependable, secure, and resilient technologies that adhere to European Union principles and regulations. This ecosystem stands as a pivotal player in Europe's ongoing digital metamorphosis. With the ADR Partnership and the newly minted ADR association (ADRA) spearheading initiatives, Europe is steadfastly pursuing its vision of achieving digital sovereignty by 2030.

An active Cluster

All the new projects featured in this booklet are poised to lend active support to the ADR ecosystem, facilitating an inclusive discourse involving all stakeholders within the projects. This initiative aims to catalyze cross-border and cross-sector collaboration, laying the groundwork for a sustainable, efficient, and harmonized European AI, Data, and Robotics landscape. DS2 will keep you posted on new events, opportun ities and news. Subscribe for updated via the form on our website.

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