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Unveiling DS2 - Pioneering Data Sharing for a Connected Future

In the midst of freezing temperatures, the city of Helsinki hosted the DS2 kick-off meeting from January 16th to 17th, 2024. This gathering solidified partnerships among consortium members and fostered discussions on collaborative idea sharing, integration, and co-action throughout the upcoming three-year project.

DS2 is a new European Commission funded research and innovation project with the objective of establishing a modular software infrastructure to facilitate the connection of data sources to help accelerate innovation. The aim is to enable cross-sector data sharing in a human-centric and trusted manner, ensuring the protection of data owners' sovereign rights and compliance with European data regulations like GDPR. This initiative seeks to promote the exchange of substantial data between institutions, thereby enhancing efficiency across various industries.

Practically, DS2 will be implemented through an Intersector DataSpace Toolkit (IDT) deployed in front of each data source or space. This toolkit, featuring a fail-safe network function without a central point of control, includes modules for executing complex data lifecycles, involving filtering and tagging, both automatically and with human intervention. The technology will undergo testing and evaluation in three specific use cases: City Scape, Green Deal, and Precision Agriculture.

The kick-off meeting played a crucial role in advancing the consortium's comprehension of the project's core objectives. Technical discussions delved into key project concepts, addressing questions about defining success, module integration, and the application of AI methods and data collection techniques, considering legal and ethical considerations for data sharing.

The meticulous planning of the previous two months was evident in the clarification of DS2's potential functionality, initial architecture focus points, and work package scheduling on the first day. Day two featured presentations from partners involved in use case projects, providing insights into how DS2 could enhance their initiatives.

The meeting concluded with a set of tasks for the upcoming months, including creating comprehensive descriptions of system components for both the front end and back end. Partners are now focused on progressing with work packages, anticipating future DS2 Mondays where key meetings take place.

The meeting generated an enthusiastic buzz among partners, signaling an exciting start to the project. The main takeaway emphasized DS2 as a progressive, ambitious, and innovative project destined to play a crucial role in the future of data sharing.

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